Ladies trying to lose weight & get fit!

Are you tired of falling off the wagon after two weeks of your programme & feeling like you've wasted your time & money.

Make sure that doesn't happen this time and grab the...

You know this feeling right?

You start a programme with 'good intentions'...

Then 'life' gets in the way, your own self-sabotage kicks in, one missed workout, one meal out and things start to spiral...

You are frustratingly back at square one. 

Back to your old habits, back to the same number on the scale (or worse, even more!) and looking for a new quick-fix plan in a few months time. 

Not only is this demoralising and time wasting but the yo-yo behaviour damages your metabolism and makes it harder to get results.

If that sounds like you it's time to...

...dive into our 'magic tool box' to unblock your mindset, unlock your motivation, and streamline your life so you can complete your programme feeling proud, accomplished and in a body you love!


What's included?


✔️ Quick and easy-to-digest videos including: 


-How to 'always' be motivated.

-Creating habits that last (and work)

-Clearing your self-sabotage 

-Planning and prioritising (finding time to actually workout!)

-Hacks on having more success with your weight loss

-Combatting negative self-talk and the 'inner bitch'

-How to continue to have success and results even when you are not on a programme


✔️ Habit trackers & checklists to keep you on track. 

✔️ Audios to get instant motivation boosts on the go! 



Meet your Coach

Hey chickie! 
I'm Carys Andersson, motivational life coach, at-home workout queen, Neurogetics Transformational life coach and EFT practitioner and mummy of two gorgeous girlies. 

I have helped 100's of women all over the world through my workout programmes, and motivational mindset coaching formula to step into a body and life they love. 

I can't wait for you to come into my world and unlock your best results, see you on the inside, 

Coach Carys xxx


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